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IT Consulting

Because of the diverse skills and knowledge of our Leaders and team members, we have the capacity to provide this service at its best considering the customers ecosystem in order to propose innovation based on emerging technologies, enhance or create business models and IT structures, promote information security to keep the integrity of the business and complete end to end assessments in order to create what great looks like for your business and needs. Our services include all IT related areas among Infrastructure, Security, Development, The Cloud, Data center among others.

Managed Services

Proactive outsourcing for selected areas within IT to improve and enhance performance in order to focus on the core business, we help you assess and diagnose areas of improvement within the technical space.

Cloud and Digital Solutions

Enhance and improve your value proposition by bringing innovation into your business by digitally disrupting your IT area; We provide solutions that will increase you reach, scalability, automation functionalities, process improvement and mapping in order to create optimization for your core business, taking care of security measures and reduced maintenance costs for your infrastructure.

Network Operations Center

We have a NOC/SOC Service center hub to support your business where you have constant visibility of your infrastructure’s performance and flow of data to audit according to company standards regarding compliance, data safety, infrastructure health check and secure network with an accessible cost saving model. Our service includes 24/7centralized monitoring center and identify data and network threats.

Software Factory

As a seasoned software development company, we focus on simple business management in times of constant innovation by analyzing and assessing the processes and procedures making sure automation for efficiencies is implemented with the latest technology, this applies for both current infrastructures and new projects as well according to market needs.

To continuously support your business we offer implementation and change management administration as well as formal training and refreshers to secure success with company metrics & IT consultancies for a holistic review in one POC; All our services can be done in person or remote.

Data Center Supplies

An IT infrastructure is necessary for the operation and management of a company’s IT services. Essential to any organization, a fully functioning infrastructure delivers your business’ requirements to both your employees and customers.

The IT infrastructure of a company includes many components but it’s also important to consider designs and quality of materials for structured cabling, fiber optic, electrical cabling, energy backup, etc. We have extensive experience in creating and installing IT infrastructure solutions for all types of business, from SMEs to large corporations.

We can use our considerable expertise to provide you with a scalable infrastructure solution which is able to grow flexibly with your business.

IT Outsourcing

Outsource for high quality – multi skill technical talent resources that can administer the operational day to day tasks, complying with companies scorecards and metrics that are constantly being trained in the latest technologies regarding their expertise so you can optimize your companies resources and achieve what great looks for you at a sustainable cost.


Following our Company vision, we distinguish ourselvs as a group of innovators and high quality experts in the technical learning field for Central America in order to provide continous trainings in the latests trends through professional educational, starting from basic to advanced – expert courses available for external candidates and internal resources providing support to our clients in the different fields.

Check out our certificitions and proffesional brief of our partners and team members for additional insight.

Fortinet ATC

Grupo Infotech is the only Fortinet Authorized Training Center in El Salvador. Through our ATC we provide official course materials. The NSE trainings are taught by experienced instructors in the cybersecurity field.

The Fortinet NSE trainings were created to educate key organizational stakeholders to respond appropriately to the challenges presented by the digital economy and evolving enterprise networks.

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